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Christene S
Incredible Review of Nicole Trombley CMT I had a massage with Nicole and it was nothing short of incredible. Hands down the best massage I have gotten. She listened to me both before and at my appt and tailored a massage session for my specific challenges. I hope she knows how much of an impact she is having on the well being of pregnant mamas. The pillows were a huge relief just on their own. Her pressure was spot on and somehow she knew just where I needed to be massaged. I keep joking with hubby that I might have another baby just so I can get another prenatal massage with her. ;) Thank you Nicole!
Jo Jo
It was fantastic! Review of Janis Hetherington CMT I went here at 39 weeks pregnant for a prenatal massage with Janis.  It was fantastic - Janis focused on many of the pressure points for pre-labor, and the massage was very relaxing.  We talked a lot about my pregnancy beforehand, and she was able to offer up a lot of good advice from her own experience.  Janis is a sweetheart and a great listener.  The massage was set up perfect with pregnancy pillows -- under my head and legs.  
I left the massage feeling very relaxed and my back and neck kinks were completely worked through. This was significantly better than the prenatal massage I had at another place when I was 30 weeks pregnant.  I highly recommend this place and Janis -- I could not have asked for a better massage!!! From Yelp
Jessica H
great experience Review of Janis Hetherington CMT I had a massage at 37 weeks pregnant by Janis. The space was lovely, the pillows they provide for side lying positions fit perfectly. There is one for your head, a wedge for under the belly, and two to three under your thigh/knee/foot as well as one to hug. Janis started off with asking me a few questions about how my pregnancy is going, what I'm looking for in the massage (relaxation or specific release of muscle tension). I had a little of both in mind and pointed out on a chart where I would like extra pressure. Janis did an outstanding job and responded very well to feedback if the pressure was, at first, too hard or too soft. She adjusted her pressure and rhythm to my needs to ensure I had a good experience. After the massage we also talked a little bit about ourselves and our stressors. I had a great experience. 

Today, 38 weeks, I went back for partner instruction, because I want my partner to be able to help me relax during labor. We met with Allison. Just like Janis, we talked about my pregnancy so far, what my goals for today were, if there where specific areas to target and she also explained that she had been a doula for some time. She was great to talk to before, during, and after massage. She ensured that my partner was able to mimic her motions and then create a technique unique to him but that still felt good for me. She talked a lot about the connection between mom and baby but also partner, mom, and baby. We talked about the rhythm of massage, pressure, a bit of anatomy, acupressure, and even energy vis a vis chakras. After having my partner follow along with her and having her speak with both of us I feel confident he learned well and can replicate the relaxing sensations I had while being worked on by Allison. I mean of course, she has a wealth of knowledge, but I think he has taken a lot of good tips that will help while I'm in labor and beyond. 

Postpartum, I think I will treat myself every so often and come back to have appointments with both Janis and Allison. From Yelp.
Eda F
she just knew and understood a pregnant woman's body and what it needs Review of Allison Murphy CMT I just had my first prenatal massage at almost 36 weeks pregnant. I had the pleasure of having Allison and she was AMAZING! She is also a doula which was nice to hear because she just knew and understood a pregnant woman's body and what it needs. She also gave me some great advice on breathing techniques for when it comes time for delivery. She was very sweet and professional. I wish I didn't wait so long into my pregnancy to finally go in for a massage. Maybe I'll have time to squeeze in another one before the little peanut arrives or I'll definitely get one afterwards! I felt like a feather all day! The price was great too! From Yelp
Janis did not disappoint! Review of Janis Hetherington CMT I had several prenatal massages here with Janis, and they were amazing. The place is small, but was clean, pleasant, and very relaxing. Janis and I chatted about my pregnancy, and I told her I really liked deep tissue massages (i'm not the relaxing-massage type of person, I want those knots OUT :) and Janis did not disappoint. She listened to where my problem areas were, and worked over my tight back, legs, and shoulders for the entire 75 minutes. Every time I left Equilibrio I felt lighter (which, for a 38-41 week preggers woman is a miracle). I would definitely recommend Janis for prenatal massage and now that my son is here, will go back as soon as I get a free minute.....ha :P
Jamie V.
A deep sense of calm My experience at Equilibrio Massage was beyond wonderful.  

I'm currently pregnant with my second child and I was having lower back and shoulder pain.  My husband surprised me with a gift certificate to Equilibrio.  

The moment I walked in door I was greeted with a deep sense of calm - I felt comfortable instantly!  I was fortunate to meet Allison, an amazing massage therapist with deep understanding of pregnancy and the woman's body.  The two massages I received under her artful touch were perfect.  I can truthfully say I've never had a better massage.  

After talking with her I was moved by her passion to help women during pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. I only wish I had discovered Equilibrio and Allison during my first pregnancy I would have signed up for weekly massages and hired her to be my doula. 

David C.
My wife came away feeling relaxed and happy Review of Janis Hetherington CMT When looking for a birthday present for my pregnant wife, I stumbled upon Equilibrio Massage after googling "prenatal massage."  I saw that it got good reviews, so I said what the heck and signed her up for a 75-minute session.  Good choice.  My wife received her massage from the highly skilled Janis, who did everything right.  My wife came away feeling relaxed and happy.  Janis seems very knowledgeable and attentive. The price is reasonable for what you're getting and the location is nice as well.  After her first massage was over, my wife booked herself a few more!

NuNu S
Allison was a god send! Review of Allison Murphy CMT My husband gave me a gift to come here for a prenatal massage with Alison.  I was 28 wks pregnant and I was so stressed from working full time and my toddler and trying to have it all together.  Alison was a God sent! I saw her multiple times- She was more than a massage therapist but really helped me enjoy my pregnancy and most importantly let me appreciate the massage as a way to take care of my mind and body.  Alison is incredibly nurturing and fun and has a very calming spirit.  You will not regret a massage from her!

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T Jo G.
True healer! Review of Allison Murphy CMT
Allison Murphy at Equilibrio is a true healer!  From San Francisco and as an experienced massage recipient, I was amazed at how she is able to move energy...creating an amazing balance. I was visiting my best friend in San Diego and introduced to Allison. She is a gift to all of you who appreciate energy exchange and healing massage in San Diego. I will be sure to visit her again when I am in town!

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