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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage for pregnancy. This is a very gentle and relaxing treatment focused on stimulating and draining your lymph system; this helps move extra fluid that is gathering in your legs, feet and hands. It is NOT a DEEP MUSCLE massage, though you may experience muscle tension release from the deep relaxation. 

Swelling is very, very common in pregnancy. But there are a few things to watch out for (see below). Safety first, my friends! Sorry if these sound scary.
  • If you are experiencing severe swelling or pitting edema (you leave an indentation when you press lightly), please be sure to call your care provider (midwife or doctor) first just to make sure they have no concerns. It doesn't mean you can't get the massage, but we don't have the full big picture of your pregnancy the way you and your care provider do.
  • If you have severe swelling that has suddenly appeared (particularly in your neck and face), please call your provider immediately (just in case).
  • It is common to have one side be more swollen than another (we are not as symmetric as we want to believe). However, if you have swelling on one side that might look more like an uneven lump and might be red and warm, call your provider to rule out a blood clot or something else.

Therapist: Janis Hetherington CMT
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